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What is Adaptive Shooting?

Adaptive shooting is applying any specialized technique or technology to safely participate in shooting activities.  It can be as simple as lighter caliber guns to accommodate decreased grip strength associated with arthritis or as complex as hydraulic systems that allow people with quadriplegia to fire high powered rifles.

How does the NRA support adaptive shooting?

The NRA is working on developing adaptive shooting instructors to educate and train people with disabilities on all aspects of firearm ownership, concealed carry and competitive shooting. 

What qualifies someone for the adaptive shooting program?

There are no qualifications other than the interest in shooting sports, firearms and commitment to firearm safety. 

What if i can't find an accessible range?

Contact us at [email protected] and we will do our best to help match you with a local range that is accessible.

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Adaptive Shooting

The NRA's goal is to increase access and participation in shooting activities for people with disabilities through specialized techniques and technologies that are safe and unique to each individual